5 Things To Take Into Consideration When Picking A Martial Arts Gym

Incredible instructor It helps to know yourself when looking for the right coach and/or instructor. Know how you learn best, is it by doing, group activities, are you a feeler or need more technical instruction? Match yourself with an instructor who best suits your learning style while also challenging you. Check the lineage of your [...]

Can I learn Muay Thai on my own?

If you would like to learn Muay Thai but are not sure how to get started, you are likely wondering where you can turn for answers. In their quest to master the art, some people try to learn the moves of Muay Thai by watching videos and practicing at home, but you must remember that Muay [...]

6 Impulses Every NEW Muay Thai Fighter Must Overcome

Our bodies are wired to send strong signals when we feel a threat in order to avoid experiencing further pain or danger. Sometimes this exchange between our nerves and the brain can force us to have some unhealthy reactions during a fight. Read on to see if you are guilty of the most common impulses and [...]

4 Ways To Increase Stamina When Training Muay Thai

Muay Thai can be a demanding, yet rewarding combat sport. Nak Muays (Muay Thai fighters) train for hundreds or thousands of hours to deliver proper technique with unparalleled power. In a typical Muay Thai match, strategy is just as important as any technique. Muay Thai fighters position themselves in the ring and are constantly seeking [...]

Is Learning Muay Thai Dangerous?

Authentic Muay Thai fights and even knee or elbow strikes in popularized UFC fights tend to result in brutal and bloody scenes. Thousands of years ago, those movements were designed to cause maximum devastation as quickly as possible. Muay Thai practiced in a “training” setting is a scene that focuses on technique and less on [...]

5 Things You Miss When You Take A Break From Muay Thai

Why would you ever want to take a break from Muay Thai? But I get it, sometimes you have to.  Whether it’s taking a few days off after a major tournament, a few weeks off to focus on another area of your life, or a few months off due to medical reasons or change in [...]

The Truth About Kicking Trees In Muay Thai

If you Google or YouTube “Muay Thai” or “Thai Boxing” one of the first things you’ll often see is a Thai Nak Muay with perfected technique kicking down what looks like a stalk or tropical tree.Though this imagery is fascinating much like how Karate Dojos chop through bricks, it is much more likely to cause [...]

4 Steps to Becoming An Amateur Fighter

So you want to be a Nak Muay (Muay Thai Boxer)? If you haven’t already, the first thing you will want to do is join a Muay Thai gym and let your coach know what your goals are. If you’d like more expertise in another fighting style, see if that gym offers that fighting style [...]

5 Challenges of a Beginner Nak Muay

As someone who is just beginning to learn the art of Muay Thai, you will invariably encounter some challenges [Related: Intro Muay Thai at T.A.G. Muay Thai]. The intimidation Especially if you’ve never practiced a martial art before, beginning Muay Thai can seem very intimidating.  There are going to be some very skilled people at [...]

Armband Testing (anxiety) 1, 2, 3…..

Written by Shaida Hong I remember the first time we had to test for armbands to go to the next rank. Kru Chris announced that we would be testing at the end of the month.  My eyes opened wide and I had butterflies in my stomach.  This was the first time Kru Chris began testing [...]