5 Things You Miss When You Take A Break From Muay Thai

Why would you ever want to take a break from Muay Thai? But I get it, sometimes you have to.  Whether it’s taking a few days off after a major tournament, a few weeks off to focus on another area of your life, or a few months off due to medical reasons or change in life situation, getting back into training is tough. But as a Nak Muay, you crave it [Related: 5 Challenges Of A Beginner Nak Muay].  Here are the top five things that you’ll miss while on hiatus:


You miss the fight.  When you fight, there’s an energy that fills you and pushes you to give it everything you’ve got.  That excitement is the adrenaline.  It’s a rush that you can’t find doing anything else, and you miss it.


You miss the drive to constantly improve.  When I take a Muay Thai break, I can feel myself becoming lazier and less motivated.  Training not only motivated me, but it also took up a lot of my time.  Due to this, I was much more motivated in other aspects of my life so that I accomplished everything I had to do in time to go to the gym.


You miss the finer points of your technique.  Taking a break means that you may get a little rusty.  The gross movement is still in your muscle memory, but some of the finer points may need to be refined.  This is dependent on how long your break is and what level you were training at before your absence.


You miss what great shape you were in while training.  The longer the Muay Thai break is, the harder it is to come back and perform at your previous level of fitness.  Even if you maintain a workout regime, it may surprise you to realize how specific your training was before. [Related: 11 Tips to Improve Your Muay Thai Flexibility]


You miss some of your best friends.  I still talk to friends from my gym even though I now live over a hundred miles away from them.  As a Nak Muay, your teammates become like your family, so taking a break from them is like leaving your family behind.

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