Mayweather v. McGregor: The Quick Scoop

The boxing match that everyone has been talking about will soon be on television sets and big screens across every bar in America! If you still don’t know how to tune in, Fox Sports 2 will be showing the Mayweather v. McGregor fight for free. Not a Fox Sports 2 subscriber? Get updates every few seconds by following on Twitter or order Showtime pay-per-view services for $99.95. By the way, check out the fight card below:

    • 9:05 PM EST – Andrew Tabiti vs Steve Cunningham
    • 9:35 PM EST – Nathan Cleverly vs Badou Jack
    • 10:20 PM EST – Gervonta Davis vs Francisco Fonseca
    • 10:55 PM EST – Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

Now here comes the fun part. Who will win the match?

There is no way to predict the outcome of a true fight, but McGregor pretty much took an “L” on this one when he agreed to play by the rules of boxing 100%. This means no tackling, no kicking, you get the point. No matter how much boxing experience McGregor has, it would be a stretch to mention McGregor and Mayweather in the same category when it comes to boxing. Yet, somehow promoters have managed to get the two together.

If for some reason, McGregor wins, we should all take a closer look at what is going on behind the scenes. Mayweather is the BEST counter-puncher in the business so the odds of McGregor being quick or strategic enough to sneak in a KO punch are highly unlikely. Mayweather could fight backwards and that is indeed what he does. If McGregor wins a boxing match against Mayweather, this fight could be fixed.

This fight is not a total knock on McGregor, he has hands – but they are exceptional only in the world of MMA. Even when we put aside ideas about who will win or lose, McGregor is the clear winner when it comes to career moves. McGregor will walk away from this match (win or lose) with the fattest paycheck he’s ever earned.

Mayweather has never seen a trash talking opponent like McGregor, as Mike Tyson so eloquently put it,

“this is a circus!”

The more ridiculous McGregorisms that Conor can come up with, the wider his fan base + businesses + sponsorships continue to grow.

So what’s in it for Mayweather? Maybe he just wants one more easy win before he calls it quits for good. Maybe Money Mayweather could use another fat paycheck. Could he want to re-enter the world of combat sports? Afterall, MMA fans are more excited about this match than boxing fans. If McGregor wins, boxing will look bad and boxing’s credibility might suffer a blemish. The verdict is still out on Floyd’s motives.

Disclaimer: Just because we stated that the MMA fighter will take a bow to the Boxer doesn’t take away any credibility from the many brutal combat sports that make up mixed-martial-arts. MMA is awesome but with the rules of boxing, MMA techniques no longer apply.

Bottom line: Mayweather will win. If he doesn’t, it is a set-up. McGregor may last 6-7 rounds, but it is hard to tell.

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