Can I learn Muay Thai on my own?

If you would like to learn Muay Thai but are not sure how to get started, you are likely wondering where you can turn for answers. In their quest to master the art, some people try to learn the moves of Muay Thai by watching videos and practicing at home, but you must remember that Muay Thai mastery requires time, dedication, and training. [Related: Is learning Muay Thai dangerous?]

Feedback is Key
When you try to learn a fighting style at home, you won’t have access to feedback from an instructor and will make a lot of mistakes along the way. Even if you feel as though you are doing everything properly, making small errors is easier than you think. Those who try to train at home with a partner will put each other at risk for getting injured, and you don’t want to fall into that trap. When you work with a trainer, he or she will guide you through each step and allow you to master the craft in a safe environment.

The Importance of Experience
It takes experience and practice to gain balance and to improve your reaction time, and one day of real-world training beats years of watching videos and reading material online. Sparring with your peers while being supervised by an instructor will not only help you master the craft, but it will also condition your body and mind in ways you never thought possible. And don’t forget about those drills! [Related: 6 Impulses Every NEW Nak Muay Must Overcome]

At-Home Training Helps
Although at-home training methods can never replace going to a gym, it can help you enhance your skills. Once your instructor has covered the basics, you can watch YouTube videos to refresh your memory and to catch details that you might have missed the first time. Shadow boxing is a good way to work on your form and to maintain your fitness so that you don’t fall behind. When you go to your class, the instructor will point out any mistakes that you make, allowing you to take your skills to a new level.

Final Thoughts
Bottom-line – learn proper Muay Thai technique from your Kru or Ajarn and then practice at home. Watch all the Youtube videos, after you’ve trained with a master!! If you are serious about learning the craft and want to get the most from your experience, then doing it the right way will be worth the investment. And you will meet like-minded people who share your passions!

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