Muay Thai 101 is the introductory course where a new student learns 101 Elementary Techniques of Muay Thai to gain confidence to protect themselves and others.  The nine-month rotating program allows a student to start at any point in the cycle of training without feeling behind.  During the last class of every month, each student will test so we can identify their strengths and weaknesses.  The areas that need improvement, we will address individually so that the student will continually progress each month.

You never stop learning and when you think you know it all, this Gym is NOT for you.

If you are looking for a physically and mentally challenging workout, to learn an ancient Martial Art, Practical Self Defense, to compete as a Fighter at the Amateur or Professional Level, or become a mentor-coach-instructor with the World Thai Boxing Association (THE Largest and USA’s oldest Muay Thai Organization in the World!), then T.A.G. Muay Thai’s Phase I Program is for YOU!


To move into Phase 2, a student needs to become proficient in all Fundamental Techniques of Phase 1. The T.A.G. Fundamentals Phase 2 curriculum is based on a “building block” approach where a student continually perfects their technique and adds to their skill set. Students that have transitioned from beginner to intermediate level student, has at least 80 to 120 hours of training at T.A.G. Muay Thai, or has been invited by the instructor to participate in the Phase 2 class due to previous experience.

The Phase 2 class introduces:

  • Basic Thai Pad/Focus Mitt Holding
  • Intermediate Techniques of Muay Thai
  • Intermediate Muay Thai/Thai Boxing Drills
  • Intermediate Sparring Drills
  • Ring Tactics & Strategy
  • Test Preparation for WTBA Student Level 1 (Blue Armband)
  • Introduction to Instructing Phase 1 – Muay Thai 101
  • $170 for month-to-month commitment 
    $150 for 6-month commitment

    $130 for 12-month commitment


  • Email thaiboxer129@hotmail.com to get started!
The student will learn key principles and applications for all techniques taught and how to integrate them into practical drills, combinations and sparring. A student will also begin practical teaching of a basic skill by assisting in the Fundamental Class once a month. The student will demonstrate mastery of a basic technique by breaking it down into key elements and teaching it back to a new student under supervision of a certified World TBA instructor.

The student will have an opportunity in class to practice and drill the techniques and combinations in front of an instructor. Any necessary adjustments or corrections will be made during class so the student can get proper repetitions to make it muscle memory.

The T.A.G. Fundamentals Phase 2 program serves as the catalyst for the transition from beginning student to intermediate student. The Phase 2 class introduces intermediate techniques, sparring, clinch positioning, basic arm weaving, ground fighting positions and survival while continuing to enhance your current skills attained from the Phase 1 program. This program is an additional 6 months to 2 years to progress to Phase 3. In that course of time, the student will earn Student Level 1, and Student Level 2 under the Thai boxing Association of the USA. The student will also begin practical teaching by demonstrating a basic skill by helping in the Kids MMA class or Adult Fundamental Class. This program is an additional 240 – 300 hours to promote to the next level, Phase 3.

Michael & Son SportsPlex at Dulles
21610 Atlantic Boulevard (2nd Floor)
Sterling, VA 20166
(703) 430-9966

*We also offer mixed-level Muay Thai instruction at Calvert MMA in Maryland and a ring training session at UFC Gym – Reston.

“Rank Up” means you earned (shown proficiencies in performance, techniques and time) your next armband color/level. The Phase 1 Program is 9 months worth of material, however, depending on your understanding, application and execution of the techniques and combinations will determine if it takes you 3 months to earn your armband or 9 months for each armband.  Generally, it takes on average 4-6 months to show that you are ready to “rank up”.
  • Testing is done once a month and there is no cost UNLESS you rank up, where the fee is $40 which includes your Armbands, Certificate & Testing materials.
New to Muay Thai? AWESOME! We are glad to have you!

You can expect a gym environment with 20+ beginning students, assisted by multiple seasoned coaches. You’ll experience light contact to learn distance, timing and body placement with multiple training partners. You may also learn numerous Thai Boxing techniques (a combination of hands, kicks, knees or elbows) and realistic combinations while practicing drills.


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