Muay Thai Shorts 101

Muay Thai is an ancient martial art dating back to 2nd or 3rd B.C. Thailand; the fighting style did not become an official sport beyond Thai warrior use until the 1400’s. Though Muay Thai has been around for a long time, regulations weren’t introduced to competitive fighting until the 1930’s. Along with Muay Thai's unique [...]

Why Gym Loyalty Is Important

Because your gym is your home.  And its members are you family.  Just like home, the gym gives you a space to express yourself.  Just like family, its members will do anything to help you.  Gym loyalty is crucial because your gym should give everything it has into making you a better fighter and a [...]

Could Muay Thai Revive The Olympics?

In December of 2016, the International Executive Olympic committee voted to recognize the Art of Eight Limbs - Muay Thai as an Olympic sport. There will be a 3-year period in which board members can protest the vote or pass it through. All the while, Muay Thai’s international governing body will receive $25,000 every year [...]