How Old is Too Old?

When should I train in Muay Thai? When you think of Muay Thai, the first image that pops into your head is most likely a young, lean, and aggressive twenty-something. Muay Thai is typically regarded as a sport for young people, but does that mean that older people cannot train? And even if older folks [...]

Benefits of Training with Diverse Partners

The Good. The Bad.  And the Ugly. It is desirable, and necessary, to have a few regular Muay Thai training partners. People who know you well, and are willing to put up with your flaws. Maybe you are a heavy hitter, and need someone who is able and willing to go hard. Perhaps speed is [...]

Learning Martial Arts (transitioning from one discipline to another)

At T.A.G. Muay Thai, we often see new members who have practiced another martial arts discipline prior to training Muay Thai. After being in the martial arts community for some time, here’s what we’ve heard from folks switching from Taekwondo and BJJ to Muay Thai as well as those switching from Muay Thai to Mixed [...]

Quality Check on Kru Chris by Reddit

When signing up for a martial arts training program or more specifically a Muay Thai training program, your instructor and his/her gym should go through the ringer (according to Reddit is an online discussion forum home to 234 million unique users and the 4th most visited website in America, garnering nearly 83 billion pageviews [...]

13 Remedies for Shin Pain

Muay Thai is a unique martial art in that no other martial art uses the shin quite like Thai Boxers do. In Muay Thai, you kick with your shin, not your foot! This can cause some discomfort in the beginning or after your first fight. The single, best remedy for shin pain is prevention. Before [...]

5 South Paws Every Fighter Should Know Of

A South Paw is someone who fights with their right hand and foot forward. These fighters are often difficult to counter by those not used to facing them. Some South Paws fight this way because they are naturally left handed while others adopt this stance in order to gain a competitive advantage. There have been [...]

12 Unspoken Guidelines For Muay Thai Newbies

ATTN: Muay Thai Newbies - If you are venturing into the Thai martial art of Muay Thai for the first time, read through a few tips to help you navigate through your first few months at a Muay Thai gym. [Related: Your First Muay Thai Class] * These unspoken rules don’t apply to our super fun [...]

Foam Rolling Tips To Speed Up Muay Thai Recovery

Foam rollers are cylinder-shaped trigger-point therapy tool used for stretching out sore muscles and relieving muscle tension. Foam rolling speeds up the process of Myofascial Release a.k.a muscle recovery, which increases blood flow and relaxes deep muscle tissue. Similar to yoga, foam rolling helps increase your flexibility, which is an awesome plus for any Nak [...]

Why Gym Loyalty Is Important

Because your gym is your home.  And its members are you family.  Just like home, the gym gives you a space to express yourself.  Just like family, its members will do anything to help you.  Gym loyalty is crucial because your gym should give everything it has into making you a better fighter and a [...]

The Truth About Kicking Trees In Muay Thai

If you Google or YouTube “Muay Thai” or “Thai Boxing” one of the first things you’ll often see is a Thai Nak Muay with perfected technique kicking down what looks like a stalk or tropical tree.Though this imagery is fascinating much like how Karate Dojos chop through bricks, it is much more likely to cause [...]