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Armband Testing (anxiety) 1, 2, 3…..

Written by Shaida Hong I remember the first time we had to test for armbands to go to the next rank. Kru Chris announced that we would be testing at the end of the month.  My eyes opened wide and I had butterflies in my stomach.  This was the first time Kru Chris began testing [...]

Muay Thai (for moms)

Written by Shaida Hong I really contemplated really hard…Muay Thai for moms? I laughed to myself sometimes…I thought I was too old and not even physically fit to take the challenging training. I’m a mom, I’m busy, I have to work, I have to cook once I get home, I have to run to practices, [...]

How To Keep Going (when things are tough)

Written by Shaida Hong (Muay Thai Motivation) Have you ever worked hard and felt that you where still going nowhere?  I have, it’s so easy to get pumped and excited for day one and then lose that momentum.  Who doesn’t get that way?  Look at all of those who head to the gym after New [...]

13 Things Every Nak Muay Wished They Knew Before Their First Fight (Reddit Insights)

Muay Thai fighters on reddit share tips for new Nak Muays entering the ring for the first time. Find out what these seasoned fighters only wished they knew before their first fight. The insights below have been summarized for a quick read! It's going to be difficult as hell, but do everything you can listen [...]

The Saga of a Single Mom

Written by Shaida Hong I wanted to share with you guys first how I ended up at T.A.G. Muay Thai.  I had always battle my weight gains after giving birth to my kids (what mom hasn’t, unless if you’re the extremely blessed ones).  As a single mom, I lost myself, and just stopped taking care [...]

11 Ways Muay Thai Traditions Can Make You A Better Person

11 Ways Muay Thai Traditions Can Make Us Better People The Art of Eight Limbs isn’t all about face-splitting elbows, damaging knees, and bat-busting shins – there’s another side to Thai Boxing that honors personal development. Read on for the top 11 ways Muay Thai can change an individual for the better: Honor When you [...]