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Benefits of Training with Diverse Partners

The Good. The Bad.  And the Ugly. It is desirable, and necessary, to have a few regular Muay Thai training partners. People who know you well, and are willing to put up with your flaws. Maybe you are a heavy hitter, and need someone who is able and willing to go hard. Perhaps speed is [...]

Muay Thai: More than a New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year again when people start to think about resolutions for the New Year. Whether you want to eat better, spend more time with your children, further your education, or break a bad habit, the New Year is a perfect time to seek out ways to better yourself, or get a fresh [...]

How-To Improve Your Timing in Muay Thai

Quickness is great for a sprinter but timing is much more important for a fighter. A common myth is that the larger someone is, the slower they are. Relying on swift movement and athleticism can get you only so far, especially at higher levels in Muay Thai.  Practicing your timing and technique will help you [...]

Closing the Distance When Sparring a Taller Opponent

So you’ve joined a Muay Thai gym or MMA gym and you’re faced with a taller opponent for sparring – how can you close distance without getting obliterated? [Spoiler Alert: This blog post isn’t about being small and speedy.] Mind Over Matter When sparring or fighting someone taller or larger, it is crucial to think [...]

No-Frills Self Defense Life Hacks

For many people, situational awareness and self-protection are not at the top of mind when running errands or enjoying an evening out. Though everyone here at T.A.G. Muay Thai hopes that no one encounters a dangerous scenario, there are things you can do to improve your odds of avoiding and surviving harassment. White House [...]

Things to do in Sterling, VA

At T.AG. Muay Thai, we’re all about family fun, fitness, and self-protection. As much as we love Muay Thai, we also love our community and wanted to share some family-friendly things to do in Sterling, VA and nearby areas. Family Friendly Things to do in Sterling, VA T.A.G. Muay Thai Starting off with a shameless [...]

Ajarn Rant: Muay Thai America v. Thailand

Muay Thai America v. Thailand Rant by Ajarn Bryan Dobler This opinion piece on Muay Thai America v. Thailand is a transcript from Ajarn Bryan Dobler's (Owner & Chief Instructor at Double Dose Muay Thai) Facebook status on the differences in the way Muay Thai is taught and practiced from the United States to Thailand. [...]

The Facts About Fighting In Schools

School Fights & Statistics The Center for Disease Control (CDC) defines school violence as youth violence that occurs on school property, on the way to or from school or school-sponsored events, or during a school sponsored event. Some assume that if you teach children how to fight, they will fight in school. However, we find [...]

Kru Chris Crushes Common Self Defense Myths

After searching the internet for self defense discussion forums, we found the same self defense myths and fallacies listed everywhere. These self defense myths presented as facts could lead to terrible or even fatal mistakes. Kru Chris is on the case to bust the internet’s most common self defense myths. 1. Fatal attacks are primarily [...]

Chokeholds: Street v. Sport (and how to escape a chokehold)

Millions of UFC 196 viewers watched Holly Holm and Conor McGregor get choked out and became more curious than ever about chokeholds. Before we jump into street fighting chokes v. combat sports chokes and how to effectively escape a chokehold in a self-defense scenario, it’s important to cover some chokehold basics and controversies. Putting someone [...]